Direct Insite RedChip Money Report Interview

Matthew Oakes' interview on RedChip Money Report.


Direct Insite Corp. bulletin board company, leading provider of cloud based electronic invoicing solutions. Let's listen to the CEO Matthew Oakes talk about the company and tell you why he believes the value proposition makes sense for investors today.

Oakes: I think as you see it, if I'm an investor, and I am a large investor in the organization. If you see where large companies are going, companies are figuring out how to grow again without adding a ton of labor, so they are looking to implement tools and services, outsourced tools and services that they don't have to manage and control but they get the benefit of. So if I'm an investor looking at Direct Insite, I say to myself, here's a company that's automating some processes for some of the country's largest companies, they've obviously deployed and are operating. It's a great recurring revenue model. They are lowering the barrier to entry for the ability of new customers to board and they are doing it in a quicker and more efficient manner. So I think our whole business model is becoming leaner and faster, our sales cycles are becoming shorter, along with our deployment cycles. We are all about recurring revenue so I think from an investor standpoint, our contracts are anywhere between 3-5 years and so there is a real predictability in the revenue stream we have. You are not going to wake up tomorrow and we?re going to be gone. We're serving these big companies for a long time and that's our sweet spot.

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