PAYBOX® E-Invoicing Portal

The PAYBOX® e-invoicing portal provides a variety of options for purchase order (PO) delivery and electronic invoice submission and processing for accounts payable and purchase-to-pay.

PAYBOX® delivers POs directly to suppliers, notifying them at receipt. Through the PAYBOX® e-invoicing portal, suppliers can print or download POs for their own records, flip a PO into an invoice, or use a line-item editing form to adjust line items on a PO.

The platform tracks POs and corresponding invoices. Suppliers also can create non PO-based invoices. All of these activities are monitored via enterprise workflow.

The service also allows suppliers to submit invoices via spreadsheet upload, image upload, direct file integration (EDI, XML), client-specific flat files, and Web form entry (ideal for small companies).

Key E-Invoicing Features:

  • ERP agnostic
  • Electronic delivery of POs
  • Automatic notification of invoice receipt
  • Ability to flip POs to electronic invoices
  • Electronic invoice receipt (e.g. web form entry, image upload, PO flip, spreadsheet upload, EDI, XML, flat file)
  • PO line-item matching
  • Line item detail drill down
  • Spreadsheet download
  • Invoice attachments
  • PO/non-PO rule validation

E-Invoicing Benefits:

  • Reduce PO and invoice transaction costs
  • Reduce cycle times
  • Increase touch-less processing
  • Reduce PO and invoice mismatches
  • Minimize invoice data entry errors
  • Enhance supplier relationships
  • Capture more early payment discounts