For Corporate Treasury

In recent years, forward-thinking corporate treasurers have embraced electronic invoicing for its many benefits. Today, it's rare to find a Global 3000 enterprise that isn't intent on using supply chain financing automation as a strategic means to enhance cash management and accelerate cash flow.

A pioneer in electronic invoicing and supplier portals, PAYBOX's was one of the first companies to recognize that the accounts payable department, and the process of paying the bills, could be a source of meaningful cash flow improvements that allow enhanced enterprise valuation.

PAYBOX® provides corporate treasury executives with best-in-class solutions for monitoring and managing the flow of cash through the enterprise’s financial supply chain.

Benefits of E-Invoicing and Supplier Portals for Corporate Treasury Departments:

Delivered in the cloud, The PAYBOX® platform features an interactive dashboard with real-time visibility to cash flow, accruals and liabilities to suppliers. As the leading provider of supply chain finance technology for large, global enterprises, PAYBOX® has a proven track record of delivering important benefits to corporate treasury executives, including:

  • Visibility across business units and financial supply chains
  • Improved ability to forecast cash flow and other variables
  • Access to contract terms and invoice tracking
  • ROI payback as quickly as six months after rollout

PAYBOX® also enables enterprise organizations to accelerate cash flow by streamlining AP/AR functions and by improving supplier e-invoicing adoption through PAYBOX’s industry-leading supplier onboarding services. Integration with any existing ERP and financial systems further increases PAYBOX’s value and ensures platform integrity across the entire financial supply chain.

To learn more about how corporate treasury executives are using PAYBOX's solutions to drive business value and efficiencies, please call 954-510-3750.