For AR Executives

PAYBOX® streamlines AR in enterprise organizations—reducing costs, improving operational efficiency, accelerating cash flow, and providing a more capable environment for processing customer invoices.

PAYBOX® offers a cloud-based customer portal that enables electronic invoice presentment and payment, eliminating the printing, handling and mailing costs associated with paper invoicing. The customer portal is designed for ease-of-use and empowers customers to directly access invoices, payment histories and other vital information.

The PAYBOX® platform also can be configured to accept online payment of invoices, lowering costs, reducing turnaround times and accelerating cash flow. Other benefits for AR executives include:

  • Optimized statement generation and presentation processes
  • Support for the most complex statement generation requirements
  • Enhanced customer service capabilities with anytime, anywhere invoice access
  • Streamlined dispute management and reduced payment processing costs
  • PCI Certified Payment Gateway

PAYBOX® technology integrates effortlessly with existing ERP and financial systems, creating a comprehensive and robust platform across the entire financial supply chain.

Ready to transform organizational AR capabilities? Get started with PAYBOX's robust electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP) portal that enables customers to access their invoices, statements, credit memos, disputed items and payment history, anytime they want, without having to call the AR department. For an initial discussion of your needs and our capabilities, please call 954-510-3750.