Company Profile Management

PAYBOX® extends its PAYBOX® AP e-invoicing suite with fully integrated capabilities for Company Profile Management.

The combination of PAYBOX's e-invoicing portal and its Company Profile Management provides one place for suppliers and customers to register to use electronic invoicing, submit invoices electronically, inquire about invoice and payment status, and log payment disputes.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce the time, resources and costs associated with capturing, validating and managing supplier or customer data.
  • Drive data compliance across the financial supply chain
  • Provide front-line staff and finance executives with real-time visibility into supplier or customer data
  • Help ensure compliance with regulations and internal procedures

Key Features

  • Automates the process of inviting individual suppliers and customers or groups of suppliers and customers to register on the PAYBOX® e-invoicing portal
  • Guides companies through a self-service registration process
  • Notifies existing suppliers or customers of requests for additional information
  • Collects and validates supplier and customer data provided through the portal
  • Routes the information for approval based on pre-defined business rules
  • Transmits approved data to the appropriate enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or other financial system

CPM manages data such as supplier and customer contacts and locations, remittance information, tax information, ownership information, diversity classifications, supplier classification, insurance and ISO certifications, banking information, payment terms, and contract information.

Company Profile Management also provides rich reporting on supplier and customer data to facilitate improved transparency and visibility into information and trends. Role-based access makes data available to groups such as Procurement and Treasury, while preventing unauthorized access.