Benefits of Invoice Print and Mail Services

Even with the shift toward electronic invoicing, traditional print and mail services can't be entirely cast aside. The truth is that not all businesses are comfortable with adopting an electronic solution and still rely on paper invoicing to conduct business.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Invoice Print and Mail Services

Timely and accurate invoicing is crucial to companies' ability to collect on accounts receivables and maintain strong cash flow - whether they're presented in electronic or paper form. Many businesses are proponents of electronic invoicing, but some are choosing to stick with traditional, paper-based methods.

It's still possible to streamline AR processes and keep a steady DSO rate with paper invoices. The trick is to manage invoice production, presentment and distribution properly - and this is best done by a provider with experience in print and mail services.

Here are a few benefits of outsourcing paper invoice production

  • Invoices are accurate. Corporate AR departments are sometimes responsible for billing hundreds of clients. But small inaccuracies like incorrect charges or mailing inaccuracies require personnel to go back and reprocess invoices, which eats up resources. A working capital management provider will dedicate the proper amount of time to ensure invoices are accurate it reduces the chances of errors, allowing statements to be mailed - and paid - faster.  
  • Printing processes are more cost-effective. Printing thousands of invoices can drive operational costs through the roof - technology investments, paper and other fees will start to pile up. By using an external resource, companies can save on hardware costs. Additionally, an experienced working capital management provider can provide cheaper mailing and postage solutions for bulk mailings.

When a third-party manages invoice print and mail services for an organization's AR department, it frees up employees and allows managers to reassign tasks that need immediate attention.

Streamlined Invoice Print and Mail Services from Direct Insite

At Direct Insite, we understand the value of a robust, effective invoicing strategy. We also understand that electronic invoicing solutions aren't for everyone. That's why we offer invoice printing and mailing as part of our invoice distribution methods.

Managing invoice printing on your own is pricey, and the risk of errors only increases if employees are scrambling to print and distribute invoices on time. When you let Direct Insite manage the production and presentment process, you're guaranteed on-time, accurate invoicing that make it easier for customers' to pay in a timely fashion.

Even more, if you decide to make the transition to electronic invoicing, Direct Insite can handle the migration to an electronic system for a seamless and hassle-free transition.

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