PAYBOX's e-invoicing platform provides a range of tools and real-time information to better align accounts payable (AP) and procurement to drive better business outcomes.

Key Procurement Features:

  • Integration with any ERP or purchasing system
  • Support for shared services environments
  • Ability to deliver purchase orders electronically to suppliers
  • Ability for suppliers to electronically "flip" purchase orders into invoices
  • Advanced validation and matching of invoices and purchase orders
  • Automated dispute management tools
  • Enhanced tools for capturing supplier discounts

Additionally, the PAYBOX® electronic invoicing portal includes powerful reports and real-time visibility that provide the information procurement executives need.

  • Interactive dashboard displaying real-time information on liabilities to suppliers
  • Visibility across business units through integration with any ERP system
  • Easy access to contractual terms and commitments
  • Real-time invoice tracking and detailed audit trails
  • Anytime, anywhere access to archived invoices and data by authorized individuals

Procurement Benefits:

With AP automation powered by PAYBOX®, procurement can see key information that is current, actionable, and transparent. Other benefits include:

  • Better align accounts payable and procurement
  • Gain leverage in negotiations with suppliers
  • Identify opportunities to optimize p-card usage
  • More easily analyze spend patterns to drive efficiency
  • Greater control over contract compliance and organizational purchasing
  • Visibility into whether purchases comply with supplier agreements
  • Ability to capture more supplier discounts through accelerated invoice processing