AP Automation Payments Portal Video

Learn how Direct Insite's hosted AP automation solutions help Global 3000 companies reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and improves visibility for cash flow planning.


Video Transcript

Selling your products or services is one thing, getting paid in a timely fashion is quite another. What if you could minimize overdue payments and improve days of sales outstanding, reduce processing costs, and simplify dispute management, all through a PCI-Compliant Payment Gateway? With PAYBOX® payment portal from Direct Insite, you can. An industry pioneer, Direct Insite has over a 9 year track record of delivering end to end AP and AR solutions to the Fortune 2000 and the companies that do business with them. And we currently serve over 100,000 companies across 100 countries so when we say you can, we can back it up. PAYBOX® payment portal is offered at three service levels so your organization can have the exact functionality it needs. Level 1 offers a hosted virtual terminal providing immediate DSO improvements, Level 2 offers B2B integrated E-commerce and E-Payment services building on the benefits from Level 1, and at Level 3 you have B2B electronic invoicing and e-payments services with an integrated workflow that delivers better visibility into your financial supply chain. And all levels are feature rich, PCI Compliant, and fully integrated cloud-based solutions. While PAYBOX® payment portal will get you paid faster and reduce the costs associated with initiating and processing payments, it improves ROI in other ways as well.  It gives you a real-time electronic audit trail that speeds your ability to handle any exceptions that might occur and along with proactive payment notifications offers a host of easily generated reports that can help you save precious time and resources on collections activities and improve visibility into scheduled payments for cash flow planning. And like all Direct Insite Solutions PAYBOX® payment portal can be deployed quickly with minimal expense and operational impact. So if you’d like to improve your bottom line, reduce PCI compliance headaches, and partner with a company that has the knowledge and experience to help you do it, call Direct Insite.

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