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Supplier On-Boarding Services

Strong supplier adoption is critical to achieving exceptional payback on e-invoicing initiatives.

That's why Direct Insite offers a complete suite of supplier on-boarding services that are proven to help users of our PAYBOX® AP automation portal drive exceptional supplier e-invoicing adoption.

Some of the benefits of Direct Insite's on-boarding services include:

Supplier E-Invoicing Onboarding and Adoption - AP Automation

  • Electronic invoice submission rates topping 85 percent
  • "Touch-less" invoice processing rates topping 95 percent
  • Significant reductions in the average invoice processing costs
  • Electronic payment rates of more than 73 percent
  • A more than 66 percent reduction in supplier telephone inquiries
  • A more than 75 percent reduction in invoice turnaround times

Direct Insite's on-boarding services include:

  • Calling suppliers and introducing them to the supplier portal
  • Conveying the Internet address to the supplier portal and asking them to bookmark it
  • Confirming that the supplier agrees to register and use the supplier portal for invoice/payment status lookup and for submitting disputes/inquiries
  • Providing the supplier with a quick-start reference guide and explaining there is detailed online help within Direct Insite's PAYBOX® supplier portal
  • Conducting a one-time e-mail campaign to the targeted campaign suppliers
  • Conveying a support phone number and support e-mail address to suppliers
  • Obtaining missing or invalid contact phone numbers
  • Gathering campaign metrics and providing complete reporting
  • Compiling any verbal feedback from suppliers
  • Chairing a supplier adoption committee to communicate campaign progress and report metrics
  • Coordination with your Buyer Initiated Purchase Card Program to accelerate supplier boarding and rebate recognition

These services are provided by Direct Insite's team of calling specialists, business analysts, and project management professionals, in close coordination with our customers' project stakeholders.

Direct Insite tracks and reports on multiple key performance indicators (KPIs), ensuring that all project stakeholders have complete visibility into the effectiveness of the on-boarding campaign. With this timely reporting, Direct Insite and its customers can adjust the campaign, as necessary.

Direct Insite's on-boarding services are offered on a fee basis, per campaign. The cost per campaign is based upon the number of targeted suppliers and the effort to execute and manage the campaign.

For e-invoicing initiatives, investments in supplier on-boarding services is money well spent.