Solutions Overview

World-Class Solutions for AP Transformation and Financial Supply Chain Automation

PAYBOX® is the market leader in AP transformation for shared services organizations in large enterprises. Leveraging a depth of industry expertise and an unmatched track record in supporting global shared services organizations, PAYBOX® drives best-in-class AP, AR and payments automation performance at Fortune 1000 and Global 3000 companies, including Siemens, HP, IBM, Saint-Gobain and Shell Oil, among others.

Key Benefits of PAYBOX® AP Automation Solutions for Global Shared Services Organizations

  • Improved Operations and Cash Flow. PAYBOX® specializes in mitigating pain points throughout the entire financial supply chain. Whether the goal is to accelerate cash flow, reduce processing costs, improve supplier relationships or simply get better visibility into financial operations and performance, PAYBOX® has the solutions needed to run businesses more efficiently and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Solutions Used by the Largest Companies in the World. PAYBOX's supplier portal e-invoicing solutions are battle-tested and proven, driving accelerated cash flow at some of the largest corporations in the world.
  • No Costly Licensing Fees. PAYBOX's cloud-based approach involves no costs for suppliers and no upfront licensing fees. PAYBOX® helps lower per-invoice processing costs.
  • Low-Risk, High ROI Implementation Approach. PAYBOX® provides a phased implementation approach that minimizes risk and maximizes ROI. Rather than implementing everything at once, companies can start with a supplier portal for invoicing and payment status inquiries and evolve to full, electronic submission from vendors over time.
  • Flexible, Scalable, Reliable and Secure. Deployed via the cloud, PAYBOX's suite of solutions offers a scalable platform that can be rapidly deployed across an organization, generating efficiencies without costly hardware investments or operational disruptions.
  • Compatible with Existing IT Assets. PAYBOX's solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructures. PAYBOX's products are compatible with existing ERP solutions, making implementation a snap.

The bottom line? From AP transformation to AR and payments automation, PAYBOX® solutions deliver the technology needed to keep pace with the marketplace and drive business outcomes in large enterprises. All of PAYBOX's financial supply chain solutions are designed to yield groundbreaking business results for CEOs and CFOs, Shared Services Executives, AP Executives, AR Executives, Procurement Leaders and IT decision-makers.

Fully compatible with existing ERP and finance systems, all of PAYBOX's solutions are provided as cloud-based services, ensuring that corporations achieve trusted, secure and reliable service to drive the ROI on an improved financial supply chain.

For enterprises that are ready to take AP, AR and payments capabilities to a higher level and learn more about PAYBOX's best-in-class e-invoicing and supplier portal solutions, PAYBOX® is here to help. For an initial discussion of your needs and our capabilities, please call 954-510-3750.