For CFOs and CEOs

PAYBOX® is a trusted financial automation partner that consistently delivers an exceptional ROI to large, global companies with complex operational, reporting and cash flow management requirements.

Used by Siemens, HP, IBM, Saint-Gobain, Shell Oil and other large multinational corporations, PAYBOX's e-invoicing solutions drive cost savings and optimize cash flow while providing real-time visibility into liabilities and other vital financial information. It's the perfect solution for global shared services organizations that are intent on driving improved forecasting and cash management capabilities.

Key Benefits of Partnering with PAYBOX®:

PAYBOX® solutions offer several benefits to CFOs and CEOs in large global enterprises, including:

  • Enhanced financial visibility for cash management and forecasting
  • Accelerated cash flow through e-invoicing and AP/AR automation
  • Extended capabilities and ROI for the financial investments in existing ERP and other systems
  • New discount capture opportunities and improved supplier relations
  • Improved P-Card utilization and increased card rebates
  • ROI payback within six months of rollout

Deployed in modules via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud-based delivery model, PAYBOX® e-invoicing solutions increase control while mitigating organizational risk and reducing financial supply chain costs in enterprise organizations.

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